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    American Stewards of Liberty is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to protecting private property, the constitutional and financial bedrock of our nation.

    man_FlagWhat We Stand For

    Our leaders have over 20 years experience fighting for private property rights in America working in Washington, D.C., statehouses all across the country, court rooms and, most importantly, in hundreds of local communities.  We stand for God, Family and Country.  We believe it is our duty to safeguard this Land of Liberty for future generations.

    Who We Fight For

    We help American landowners, business owners, farmers, ranchers, homeowners, and of course, you, so that all Americans have the right to own and use their private property.  Private property is the cornerstone of our free society.  It is what allows us to maintain control over our government.  We treasure and protect your constitutional right to own private property.  The liberties we all enjoy depend upon its protection.

    What We Do

    We train local leaders how to protect their community from over regulation. We help people facing the loss of their land, working with the local governments, teaching them how to protect their local economies today and well into the future.  We educate you on the critical issues impacting the use your private property and how to safeguard your rights.  We monitor and educate Americans on what is happening in Washington, D.C. and other places across the nation.

    How We Are Governed

    The Chairman of ASL is Mike Dail who is also a director on the Mason SRPC, which implements coordination in Mason County, Texas. Our headquarters, located outside Taylor, Texas, is run by Dan Byfield (CEO) and Margaret Byfield (Executive Director) who oversee the daily operations and work directly with our members.  Dan and Margaret guided the Eastern Central Texas SRPC through their victory, stopping the I-35 Trans-Texas Corridor.

    How We Began

    In July 2009, the American Land Foundation and Stewards of the Range merged.  ALF was created by the Farm Credit Bank of Texas in 1993.  SOTR was founded by western ranchers in 1992 to support the Fifth Amendment takings case Hage v. United States.

    Together, ASL is a powerful association restoring respect for private property rights and constitutional principles through coordination and local control.

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We educate Americans on issues affecting property rights and individual liberties through our online and printed publications,  Coordination Article E-Training and the American Stewards Digest.


Locally: We send experts directly into communities to help local leaders protect their way of life through our Local Outreach Program.
Nationally: We gather together our members to fight in the halls of Congress through our Liberty Matters alerts and, when necessary, file legal actions in the courts to protect property rights.


We train local governments how to assert their coordination role in the federal and state planning process through our Coordination Classes and Local Outreach Program.


We are winning battles in communities nationwide and one-by-one we are restoring our nation from the ground up.